A place for renewal, growth, interaction, and learning


At A Glance

The Wellness Farm is a 66 acre farm located in Southern York County, Shrewsbury Township, 4 miles West of Stewartstown. PA 17363.

Hiking in the woods can be the road less traveled and serve as part of the activity and environmental connection that is longed for but which we starve ourselves from. The swimming pool provides a water element and serves as a gathering place to meet and interact with others while children are engaged in their primary work of play.  Berry picking allows each of us to be thankful for our country’s bounty and realize where and how our food grows and its links to the soil, pollinators, weather and farmers.  With beautiful bucketful of blueberries I often burst forth with blessings to the LORD for His bounty!

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The Umbrella

The Wellness Farm, Inc. is the umbrella web site for the farm, swimming pool, sweetpotatoes, fat control skinfold calipers, and The Wellness Educational Center (non-profit organization) and other activities.