The Wellness Farm Inc. 


Farming Practices:   The Wellness Farm uses time-tested, renewable agricultural practices with a focus on sustainable stewardship. We are not "certified organic." We keep bees right on the edge of the fields, therefore, we will not risk injury to the ladies of the hive by using unwarranted modern-day chemical methods or materials. That being said, however, when there is an absolute need to use intervention methods, we will do so - judiciously.

OUR GOAL is to provide a safe reprieve for spiritual renewal and rejuvenation, a retreat from the hustle-bustle, nano-second demands of today's society. We encourage back-to-nature activities: planting, harvesting, weeding, splitting wood. Get your hands dirty while getting workout on the farm doing something useful! (Why pump a ton iron in the gym or run on a machine going nowhere?) Hard work is good for the soul! It allows us time to reflect on the macro and micro elements of the universe and assess our place in God's Plan. Another goal: We are working to become more self-sufficient and less dependant on non-renewable resources and less dependant on the grid. We are looking into alternatives, grants, ideas and low-cost resources. We welcome suggestions.

PA Sweet Potato Festival is usually held the last Saturday in September every year. However, because of a family wedding this year, the Festival will be held on Saturday, October 4, 2014 from 11 AM to 6 PM. Come dig your own! For more information (click here)

Pick-Your-Own-Crops!   Ripening dates - Depending on prevailing weather conditions
   Blueberries -- 10 varieties, including the huge Chandler type: Ripen in late June to late July
   Red Raspberries -- 5 varieties: Some in June/July, most mid-August till frost 

   Black Raspberries -- Jewel variety (awesome!); Mid to late June
   Asparagus --  All during May thru June 10th
   Sweetpotatoes -- 
At the SP Festival - last Saturday in September and into October
   Blackberries – Most varieties are ready in late July and into early August

   Blackberry/Red Raspberry Crosses: These are new! Tayberry; Loch Ness; Olillieberry 

The Wellness Farm Pool, Inc. is a private swimming pool for community members and families. Open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  Certified Red Cross lifeguards. Swim Lessons. Water Aerobics.

Alpaca -- We currently have six alpaca in the herd. Alpaca fleece and yarn is available. See the Photo Gallery.

Honey Bees – Honey bee hives are becoming more difficult to maintain. The ladies have wonderfully pollinated the small fruits on the farm, but it is becoming increasingly more difficult to winter them over with the hope of strong Spring hives. We try to maintain healthy hives as we continue to learn about these fascinating, remarkable creatures.

The Wellness Educational Center, Inc. -- a non-profit, charitable 501(c)(3) health and wellness educational center for the community. Special educational programs are held from time to time.

CONTACT: Jack or Bev Osman   email:   (717) 993-3081