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Due to medical issues, the 2014 SP Festival (October 4, 2014) has been cancelled.   Contact Jack at the above email address if you are interested in being a volunteer or vendor for the 2015 Sweetpotato Festival.


Saturday, September 26, 2015
11 A.M. until 6 P.M.
Rain or Shine
@ The Wellness Farm, Inc.
19310 Dutton Road
Stewartstown, PA 17363

(717) 993-3081 

Schedule of Festival Events

The Wellness Farm is pleased to announce the 14th annual Sweetpotato Festival. Get dirty, take some family pictures and go home with plenty of sweetpotatoes. Sweetpotatoes can easily be stored for more than 6 months! This event is meant to be a family activity. Children are encouraged to attend. There will be contests and games. Music. Vendors, displays, fruit and vegetable sales. Recipes. A wide variety of foods made from sweetpotatoes will be available at the Festival.Foods include: SP pancakes, SP punch, SP pies, SP fries, SP Ice Cream, SP Soup, and baked SP - with toppings. Sweet Potato Cooking Demo is also a possibility. Open mike for memories about sweetpotatoes. Random prize drawings! Gifts will be awarded for the heaviest, longest and most unusual sweetpotato dug during Festival hours. Admission is only $3 per adult - children free and those 70+ free! Information on storing/curing sweetpotatoes - click link. SP Festival t-shirts will also be available.

Sweetpotatoes are more than just a holiday food. Sweetpotatoes are rated as the most nutritious vegetable. You’d be amazed at the number of ways sweetpotatoes can be prepared (and even "disguised" for those who claim not to like them)! When properly cured, the amazing sweetpotato will keep -- at room temperature -- for longer than 10 months! No other fruit or vegetable can do that! Never keep sweetpotatoes under 55 degrees! 

Fresh, personally dug sweetpotatoes are weighed-in; the cost is 75 cents per pound.   For those who prefer sweetpotatoes without the digging, bags of sweetpotatoes will be available at the Festival. Cured SP available for $1.00/pound in boxes/bags by the barn. But -- the real fun -- is found in digging your own sweetpotatoes! It isn't difficult or strenuous.
Digging equipment and buckets will be available.
Bring your own gloves, particularly if you just manicured your nails!
We have more than a dozen different sweetpotato varieties available with flesh colors ranging from deep orange to yellow, white and purple. Varieties include: Beauregard, Covington, Georgia Jet, Heart-o-Gold, Hernandez, Carolina Ruby, Carolina Rose, Evangeline, Molokai Purple, Porto Rico, Orleans, Japanese (dry-white), O'Henry (white), Bonita (white), Hayman (white) and purple-fleshed varieties in fries and pies. The crop has been fenced in to protect against deer. LORD willing, this will be a great crop.

 Dig-Your-Own-Sweetpotato -- Times and Dates:
    Saturday , September 26, 2015 
(11 A.M. to 6 P.M.) The FESTIVAL & Dig
Sunday, September 27 (NOON to 4 P.M.) Post Festival Dig Day -- if any are left!! 
Chocolate Sweetpotato Pie will be available at the Festival. This pie took honorable mention at the 2002 Juneteenth National Sweet Potato Pie Contest. Vanilla Sweetpotato Pie took 2nd place at the 9th Annual Sweet Potato Pie Contest (Maryland State Fair), 2003-05; the Lemon SP Pie and Purple Passion Pies (made with purple-fleshed SP and blueberries) are excellent, too!.

Directions to the farm

Schedule of Festival Events